Client: The Fuller Center for Housing NWLA
Project: Non-Profit Website Design
Industry: Non-Profit Housing
Platform: WordPress
Highlights: Application Forms, Blog, PayPal Integration
Coding: Non-Responsive Design

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The client is a provider of housing for low-income home buyers in Shreveport, Louisiana and surrounding area.

They needed a website to highlight the work they are doing. They also needed a conduit to getting new application forms for new homes and to accept donations.

The Fuller Center had a good deal of information spread over a number of departments that they needed included on the website.

The information to be conveyed was displayed using static pages, forms, .pdfs and regularly updating blog posts.

In addition, the website also had to have a complimentary color-scheme to match the existing logo.


Fuller Center NWLA
Fuller Center NWLA
Fuller Center NWLA 3
Fuller Center NWLA 2