Client: Brown Bag Cookie Molds
Project: Portfolio Website Design
Industry: Home and Garden Products
Platform: WordPress
Highlights: Image Galleries, Contact Form, Blog
Coding: Non-Responsive Design

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The client is pottery manufacturer in Hill, New Hampshire. The company had a cookie mold product line that they produced for over 30 years.

While no longer in production they did want a repository on internet of the old designs as well as a blog for the owner to communicate with her fans.

The company had an existing website but wanted to update it and make it more modern. We took the existing website and updated it with more user-friendly design. The information to be conveyed was displayed using static pages, image galleries and a blog.

In addition, the website also had to have a brown color-scheme to maintain continuity from the old website.


Brown Bag Cookie Molds - OldBrown Bag Cookie Molds - New